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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Little Tykes

Is our Infant and Toddler class, ages 6 weeks to 24 months.  We know that infants enter the world ready to learn by using their senses to discover and experience their surroundings.  Therefore this class is designed to support their social and emotional development as well as enhance their cognitive, sensory, health and motor skills.  We lead, guide and teach with positive influences as they set forth to explore and enter a magical world of language, literacy, mathematics and problem solving through trail and error.  


Our 2 year old class is designed to help your child address conflicts and become more comfortable within new environments.  Helping them to engage in self-talk, social play and independence. We know that every child is unique and complex which is influenced by their environment and experiences.  Two year old's often ask why, what and how, prompting them to conform complete sentences laying the foundation for reading and writing which we strategically encourage and enhance towards the increasing success of their cognitive and motor skills.

​Busy Bees

Our 3 year old class is designed to allow your three year old to soak in the magical world around them by helping them to become more independent as they enter their inquisitive years.  During this stage they are becoming more aware of everyday moments and are listening better as their imagination expands.  They are talking more than ever and can answer in sentence form.  Their little minds are full of questions and we are equipped to handle everyone by enhancing letter recognition, numbers, matching, opposites, concepts of counting, sorting by shapes and colors coupled with achieving age appropriate milestones with creativity. 

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)

T​his is our 4 to 5 year old class that helps your child to transition from preschool to Kindergarten by laying a strong emotional and social foundation along with language and mathematical development. Your child will learn the basics of problem solving, through observation, exploring and discovering the world around them.  Encouraging them to think logically by classifying objects through size, likeness and patterns.  They will understand the concept of sequence and order through numbers, counting and time conception.  We guide the imagination to become more vivid through role play and creativity.  Your child will transition into Kindergarten highly prepared to overcome any challenge and succeed.     

After School Program

Finding the right program and place to continue educating and entertaining your child after school can be quite challenging.  Our program is designed to deepen relationships and increase a sense of self-worth, academic achievement and resilience to face adverse circumstances for elementary children ages 5 to 10 that needs to be picked up from school and cared for until their parents arrives.  We help daily with homework and ensure emotional stability in a safe and friendly environment filled with extracurricular activities such as; outdoor play, games, puzzles, legos, art, movies and computer fun. 


Summer Fun Camp


Our Summer Fun Camp is exactly that, a summer full of fun!  We realize your child is growing and their experiences are expanding. Therefore we want to make sure they are surrounded and filled with positive influences.  We encourage our campers to interact and socialize with friends old & new; creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Our summer incorporates arts & crafts,  physical activities, games, reading, fun with tablets, field trips and much more for children ages 4 to 12.   

Junior Summer Fun Camp


Our Junior Summer Fun Camp is full of learning activities that explodes with excitement.  The weeks are full with stimulating activities that continues to develop their individual milestones and enhance their cognitive and motor skills.  They learn to be social through recreational activities that creates long lasting memories that enhances their development. Learning and growing never stops during our Junior Summer Fun Camp for ages 1 to 3.

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